First, let's take a look at the historic tradition of needlepoint. Modern needlepoint descends from the ancient Egyptians who used small slanted stitches to sew up canvas tents. Needlepoint was even found in the cave of King Tut's burial site, one of the most widely known Egyptian Pharaohs who lived around mid 1300 BCE. Now, flash forward a few thousand years and needlepoint is still a popular pastime, decorative item, and, thanks to Smathers and Branson, a sought-after clothing accessory.

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In 2004, Peter and Austin, two roommates from Bowdoin College, had the idea of creating their company, Smathers and Branson, after receiving needlepoint belts from their girlfriends. With their shared entrepreneurial spirit, they immediately went to work with the goal of creating available, attractive and affordable belts. They knew it would take an exceptionally well-made needlepoint to establish their brand and grow their company, so they went to Vietnam in search of skilled artisans. And now, thanks to Smathers and Branson, there is a growing cottage industry in Vietnam that employs and offers opportunities for thousands of people.

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So, what does the most beloved sport in America have to do with needlepoint and Smathers and Branson, you ask? Well, with their rapidly growing popularity, Smathers and Branson is in high demand, giving them the ability to make licensing agreements with all of America's most prominent sport teams. And now that it's officially fall, it's all about football. We are fully stocked with trendy needlepoint Georgia, Georgia Tech, Auburn and Alabama flasks, coasters, key fobs, wallets, hats and more! So, step up your fall wardrobe and cheer on your team with a Smathers and Branson accessory today!

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October 22, 2015 — Alexis Smith


Brooke Bailey

Brooke Bailey said:

Georgia bulldogs all the way!! GO DAWGS!! ❤️

The Squire Shop

The Squire Shop said:

Congratulations MATT LEAHEY! You can either email us your address at or stop by the store to pick up your Smather’s & Branson Alabama Key Fob!

Emily Denney

Emily Denney said:

Georgia Bulldogs all the way!

Rachael Branton

Rachael Branton said:


Ronata Nunn

Ronata Nunn said:

Roll Tide!

David huff

David huff said:

Go Gators


Matt said:

Alabama Crimson tide!!


Matt said:



Jed said:

Go Dawgs

cole herrell

cole herrell said:

Georgia Tech

Erika Denhart

Erika Denhart said:

UGA, how bout dem Dawgs ?

Colton Campbell

Colton Campbell said:

Nice post. War Eagle!

Aditya Patel

Aditya Patel said:


Cheyene Cox

Cheyene Cox said:

War. Damn. Eagle. ?

Hannah Rudisel

Hannah Rudisel said:


Francesca Gearinger

Francesca Gearinger said:

Roll Tide!

Jessica Henry

Jessica Henry said:

Roll Tide

Zane Mitchell

Zane Mitchell said:

Alabama all the way! Roll Tide!

Matt leahey

Matt leahey said:

Alabama roll tide roll!

Matt leahey

Matt leahey said:

Even though I’m from Georgia I gotta say ROLL TIDE but Georgia’s always next in my house divided!

Laura hand

Laura hand said:

War eagle

Hunter Jones

Hunter Jones said:



Brent said:


Kayla Marino

Kayla Marino said:

As someone who moved from Carrollton to Athens to go to UGA, I have to say GO DAWGS!!

Savannah Bearden

Savannah Bearden said:


Josh McLaughlin

Josh McLaughlin said:

UGA, Go Dawgs.

Grier Smith

Grier Smith said:




I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win an AUBURN University Team Key Fob!!!! I did not go to UWG nor live near Carrolton, Ga but follow you guys on Instagram due to friends who attended at UWG and worked at the shop…you guys do SO SO good at promoting items!! If I ever visit Carrolton I will make it a must to visit you guys!! PICK ME SO I CAN WIN TO REPRESENT MY APPLAUSE TO YOUR SHOP AND MY LOVE OF AUBURN!!

Mckenzie Rowand

Mckenzie Rowand said:


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