Tuxedo Rental Guide

Here’s a step-by-step guide of the tuxedo rental process at the Squire Shop, and what to expect when you’re in need of the perfect tux for your next event!
  1. Expect to be greeted by one of our staff members when you walk through our doors.
  2. Let us know you need to rent a tuxedo and what event it will be used for. (Wedding, prom, formal, etc.)
  3. Our tuxedo specialists will take you through one of our tuxedo books and walk you through all your options.
  4. Once you have chosen the perfect tuxedo, you will choose your vest and tie.
  5. After you choose your full tuxedo, you will be measured by one of our trained employees.
    1. They will measure your neck first, then your over arm, then waist.
    2. They will give you a shirt and pants to try on.
    3. Once you come out of the dressing room, they will measure your chest for your coat size.
  6. Once we have your measurements, you will proceed to the checkout counter and either pay the $50 deposit, the full amount of your tuxedo, or anywhere in between.

Things to remember:

  • Allow 15-20 minutes for the whole tuxedo rental process.
  • We prefer that you come in to get measured at least two weeks before your event, if this is not possible the week of will suffice.
  • Have a few color preferences in mind, even bring a swatch of your date’s dress.
  • Tuxedo rentals range from $69.95-$139.95. This price depends on which tux you choose and it includes the pants, coat, shirt, vest/cummerbund, and tie/bow tie. Shoes are $26 extra to rent.
  • Be prepared to pay a $50 Down Payment to get your tuxedo ordered.
  • Your tuxedo is guaranteed to arrive two days before your event. We will call you as soon as it comes in, and you can come in for a final fitting and take your tux with you.
  • We can do alterations in the store if there happens to be an issue with the fit of your tuxedo.
  • All tuxedo rentals are weekend rentals, so if you use it on a Saturday, it will be due back that following Monday (unless otherwise noted.)


Tuxedo and Wedding FAQs

Q: I’m not certain how the tuxedo rental process works. Can you describe the steps involved?

A: The Squire Shop’s tuxedo rental process is very easy. Our employees are trained tuxedo professionals, so you can take comfort in knowing your wedding is in the right hands!  All you have to do is make an appointment through our website or come in at your convenience and let us take it from there! When you come in to set up your wedding we explain everything in detail and help you pick out the perfect tuxedos and colors.

Q: My groomsmen are located throughout the country. How do I collect their measurements and get it to you in time?

A: Don’t worry, this is a common scenario that we deal with daily. All you have to do is gather their measurements and either call them in to one of our helpful employees at the store, or fill out the out-of-town measurement form on our website and press submit. It’s that easy!

Q: How late can I set up my wedding and how late can a groomsmen be added or measured for the wedding?

A: We always say the sooner the better, but we also understand that there are special circumstances. For you last minute procrastinators out there- it is best to have your wedding set up no later than one month before your event. And a groomsmen should be added/measured no later than two weeks before the wedding. 

Q: When can the tuxedos be picked up and when do they need to be returned?

A: Every tuxedo is guaranteed to be here the Thursday before the event. And every tuxedo must be returned by 6pm the Monday after the event. For every day the tuxedo is returned late there will be a mandatory $25/day late fee.

Q: Do you offer any promotions for big wedding parties?

A: Yes! Every wedding party with six or more groomsmen (including the groom) will receive one free tuxedo rental to use towards the current wedding party. We also offer a half-off Ring Bearer promotion with certain tuxedo selections.

Q: Do you have tuxedos for little boys? Will their tuxedo be the same price or are there any ring bearer promotions?

A: Yes, we do have tuxedos for little boys. And yes there are certain tuxedos that have ring bearer specials. The tuxedos with the ring bearer promotions will be significantly lower in price. However, if you pick out a tuxedo that is not part of the ring bearer promotion list the tux will be the full price.

Q: Can I measure myself for a tuxedo rental?

A: Measuring for a tuxedo is a little more particular than you may think. We prefer, if at all possible, that every tuxedo rental be measured from within The Squire Shop location. If you are an out-of-town groomsmen we highly recommend you go to your nearest tuxedo retailer and get measured there.  

Q: Do I get to keep the tuxedo? How long do I get to keep the tux?

A: No. The tuxedo must be returned the Monday after your event or there will be a mandatory $25/day late fee. You keep the tux for the weekend of the event, only.  

Q: How much are tuxedo rentals?

A: Tuxedo rentals generally range anywhere from $69.99-$129.99, which includes everything (Jacket, Pants, Shirt, Vest, and Tie) except for the shoes. Shoe rentals are $18-$25 depending on which tuxedo you pick out.

Q: How do I pay for the tuxedo rental?

A: You can pay when you come in to get measured, or you can call us at 770-832-9673 and we can take your payment over the phone.

Q: Do I have to pay for the entire tuxedo up front?

A: No. We require a $40 down payment to order the tuxedo. The down payment goes towards the final payment of the tux. If you would like to pay your deposit online, go to the Formal Wear tab and select Measurements. Here you can fill out your measurements and/or pay for your deposit. Scroll to the bottom of the page for deposit payment information. 

Q: Is the $50 down payment refundable?

A: No. If you set up a wedding and your groomsmen have paid the $40 payments and you have to cancel the wedding, the down payments will not be refundable. We are charged for every rental from our tuxedo retailer, so unfortunately we will not be able to refund this amount. 

Q: How/When do I pay for the rest of the tuxedo?

A: You will finish paying for the tuxedo when you pick it up from The Squire Shop the week of the event. We have all the payments on file, so we will know the remaining balances of your groomsmen. If you want to have your tuxedo paid off before you pick it up you can call us at 770-832-9673 and we can take your final payment over the phone.

Q: What if the tuxedo comes in and it doesn't fit?

A: No worries! We have everything in the store we need to make any needed adjustments. This is why we require a final fitting with every tuxedo rental.  

Q: Where do you get the tuxedos from?

A: We use the most trusted tuxedo retailer throughout the Southeast. They are called Jim’s Formal Wear and we have a great relationship with them so you will have nothing to worry about. If you want to take a look at the tuxedos we offer go to their website at www.jimsformalwear.com where you can use their tux builder to see what your wedding colors will look like with a tuxedo.