It’s one of the most important decisions, if not the first…picking a wedding date.  The date can have so much meaning behind it.  Are you an astrological couple?  Love math?  Or just want something fun or easy to remember?  With the wedding industry booming, 2024 wedding dates are booking out fast, so you’ll want to decide soon if you are planning on marrying the love of your life next year.  Here are some fun, unique and lucky dates for you to consider.

Astrological Dates

If you and your partner are wanting an auspicious wedding date, look towards the stars and moon!  Choosing a date when there is a full moon, sometimes called a supermoon, can bring positive change, healing, and luck which makes it ideal for this new chapter in your life!  Planning an outdoor reception?  The moon will bring much needed light for the party.

The first full moon to happen on a Saturday is February 24, 2024.  An added bonus to this date is that it reads 2/24/24 so it’s easy to remember!  If getting married on a Saturday isn’t top priority, here are some supermoon dates that would work too.

  • August 19 (Monday)
  • September 18 (Wednesday)
  • October 17 (Thursday)
  • November 15 (Friday)

You can also choose the 2024 wedding date based off your astrological signs.  Summer months generally provide warm temps and sunny weather, so they work best for Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius due to their fire signs.  For Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, you can either go with a spring or fall wedding since nature is at its best then and would make for a perfect outdoor wedding.  The remaining zodiac signs would be okay to wed any time of the year.  Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are Air signs and would enjoy anything as long as socializing while water signs (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio) would want to be wed near a body of water.  Beach wedding, anyone?

Fun & Sweet Dates

Even though the stars may have aligned when you found your ride or die, choosing a wedding date based off astrology may not be your thing.  Perhaps a fun date instead?  Sunday, February 4th would be easy to remember since it reads 2/4/24. Love a party?  Sunday, May 5 is Cinco de Mayo so it will always be easy to remember. As an added bonus, you can have a taco bar for your wedding reception or serve mini tacos and signature margaritas during cocktail hour.  Does the luck of the Irish run in your family? Choose, Sunday, March 17th, St.Patrick’s Day, as your day.

Maybe you want something sweet and romantic for your 2024 wedding date.  January has three holidays that would be perfect for your special day: Cuddle Up Day on Saturday January 6th, Hugging Day on Sunday January 21st, and Spouses Day on Friday January 26th.  All three of these holidays that celebrate love would be a great choice for the day you and your fiancé celebrate your love.  Another sweet day would be Thursday, June 8th which is Best Friends Day.  When you choose to marry your best friend, why not do it on the national holiday!

“Unlucky” Dates

Want something out of the norm?  2024 is a leap year.  What could be more special than getting married on February 29th?  Some cultures warn that it’s an unlucky day but that doesn’t make it true!  Every four years when your actual wedding date occurs, make it a big celebration or do something unique.

You could also choose another date that people warn about, Friday the 13th. If you’re a couple that love the film franchise or just love to tempt fate, you can choose September 13th.  September is one of the most popular months to get married, so this “unlucky” date might just be free.

Math Dates

Are you or your future spouse a numbers person?  Look to math for a creative way to choose your 2024 wedding date.  The first clever date is February 4th which reads 2/4/24.  If you’re thinking of a spring wedding and are a math lover, then Saturday, April 20th would equal perfection for you.  April is the fourth month so when adding the month and date together, you get the year: 4+20=24.  Winter weddings can do the same!  December has two dates that would bring mathematical harmony.  Monday, December 2ndwould be 12×2=24 or Thursday, December 12th can be written 12+12=24.

The possibilities are endless! Whether you choose a 2024 wedding date according to the universe or just something meaningful for you, it will be the best wedding date because it’s YOUR wedding day!

October 04, 2023 — April Nestor

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