If you’ve been searching social media for a little outfit inspo, you’ve seen the huge trend in tan suits showing up everywhere.  While the formal wear industry has seen a surge of blues and greys the last few years, tan suits have finally made a comeback, and we are here for it!  No longer are tan suits only reserved for spring or summer events, rather for any time of the year.  Here are some ways to wear a tan suit at your next event.


The weather is changing as are the times, which means you can now rock a tan suit for your winter affair!  Go with a darker tan, like our Allure Men Sand Brunswick that has a slight grey hue to it.  Pairing this beautiful suit with a wine floral tie and pocket square will coordinate nicely for a winter event.  With a bouquet of dusty lavender roses, deep red succulents and red roses, the wine tie and pocket square are the perfect combo to tie everything together.

Maybe ties aren’t your thing.  No prob!  Wearing a tan suit with a white button-down shirt and no tie is also gaining popularity.  Leave the top button unbuttoned for an extra cool factor.  This would also be a great choice if you’re having a more laid-back event like a roller-skating reception!  Throw on your best pair of wheels and skate the night away in style and comfort!


The Fall season brings in warm and rich colors like hues of orange, shades of yellows and deep greens.  A tan suit would be the ideal neutral color to match those earthy tones!  If your wedding has several pops of color, a monochromatic tan suit look would be the go-to choice.  Our Tan Havana has a soft, yellow hue to it and paired with the matching vest and bow tie will be a nice blend with the bold autumn hues.

Softer colors like first blush, quartz, or dusty rose are also used for Fall weddings.  Instead of the Tan Havana which is a brighter tan, choose the Sand Brunswick which is a softer, more fashion-forward tan.  Have the guys wear the matching tan vest for a 3-piece look but distinguish the groom from the groomsmen by having him wearing a long tie and the groomsmen in bow ties.


Summertime is the perfect time to wear a tan suit.  With the lighter color and fabric, you will be able to combat those dog days of summer while keeping your fashion game on point.  With it being warmer, this would be an opportune time to forego the tie and have an open collar.  If you’re eloping and want to look the part but don’t necessarily want to wear a full suit or tux, this relaxed, stylish look will have her falling in love with you all over again.

Tan suits for beach weddings or outdoor events are a must too!  Summer brings brighter colors, and adding a pop of bright pink to a tan suit is a flawless summer attire combo.  Our Tan Slim Fit Suit is our lightest shade of tan we offer and available for purchase.  So instead of the night just being a memory, you can buy this stunning suit and have it as a memento!  Plus, you can mix and match ties to coordinate throughout the year.


Ah, Spring.  One of the best times of the year to get married with all the flowers blooming and green grass popping up.  It’s synonymous with new beginnings.  Sage is one of the most popular wedding colors in recent years and the Sand Brunswick was made for it!  Our Floral Sage Tie and Pocket Square worn with the Sand Brunswick is a wonderful way to tie in the greens of Spring.

Pastel colors aren’t the only way to go with a Spring wedding.  Take things up a notch by adding jewel tones to your look, like our Floral Apple red tie for an upbeat, cheerful vibe.  In addition, apple red symbolizes love, fertility and abundance, making it a great color choice for a wedding.

No matter what time of the year it is or what the event is, a tan suit should be top of mind.  Choose a tie and pocket square that matches the colors of the season and you’ll be set for success! 

September 29, 2023 — April Nestor

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