We started our Black Friday Balloon Pop about 10 Years ago at The Squire Shop and it has proven, year after year, to get Bigger and Better!

Each Balloon is Filled with a Discount Coupon or a Gift Card for the store and typically HAS to be redeemed within the Black Friday Weekend.

We've changed things up a bit this year to make it Better Than EVER! Read Below for all the Details! 

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Black Friday 2019 - The Squire Shop

Read Below for the Newest Details

  • The First 50 Customers will Receive a Balloon to Pop Filled with a Coupon or Gift Card! These Prizes will include Free Gift Packs from Peach State Pride and Jack Black, Free Shirts, Free Sunglasses, and Free Money! 
  • The First 10 Customers will Receive a GOLDEN BALLOON filled with the BEST Prizes! These will include $100, $75, & $50 Gift Cards, Free Ray Ban Sunglasses, Free Patagonia Pullover, and 5 other AMAZING PRIZES!
  • The First 25 Customers will Receive a Swag Bag loaded with Swag from our most Popular Brands AND Gift Cards from other local businesses!! (Trust me, you're going to LOVE THIS!)

Black Friday 2019 -  The Squire Shop

Tips for our Black Friday Shoppers

  • Get here Early! We Open at 10am, but a lot of people start camping out at Midnight! Black Friday 2018, we had some Shoppers line up before 8pm the Night Before!!
  • The Balloons will be gone within about 10 minutes, so be SURE not to miss out on this!
  • As always, we will have officers at the shop to ensure everyones safety!
  • Doors Open at 10am so Bring a blanket to stay warm!

Comment Below if you'll be Joining us for Black Friday! Include your Email and we'll send you a Super Duper Coupon Code to Shop NOW!


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