Back in the day, our Christmas Travel Destinations would consist of my Grandmothers House, then to see my Grandfather, Next would be my Aunt and Uncles house, THEN my Brother's, etc, etc, etc.....
These days, Families are going All Out! They're headed Northeast to see what all these Bloggers are Bragging about!! Or maybe they're headed South to get away from ANYTHING that looks like Cold Weather, OR MAYBE Midwest to Explore their way through the Mountains and such! 
There are SO many choices for travel these days and they're EASY to get to (and affordable!) It seems like THESE are the gifts they're giving for Christmas! AM I WRONG?? Parents want to give the Gift of Experiences, and I really don't blame them! HOWEVER, you STILL want/need to have some gifts under the tree! 

Below, I'm sharing some of my BEST and Most Recent Travel Experiences, along with some items that SHOULD BE under the Tree this Year!

Click HERE for a Curated Collection, Chosen by ME, of some of my Favorite Christmas 2019 Items to go Under the Tree!


If you're Headed to Boston, Prepare by bringing Warm Clothes! The things I loved most about Boston was the History, the Duck Pond & Ice Skating, Cheers!, and that it was EASY to Fly into so we could make our way Further North!

New Hampshire

The #1 thing we wanted to see in New Hampshire was Mount Washington, and boy was it breathtaking! We stayed at the Omni Resort, which was the most Magical (and haunted) Hotel I've ever Stayed at! The Local Shops were very charming and the food was Fantastic!



Maybe the BEST Gift this year is to Travel ALONE for Christmas! The Cliff House in Maine is a MUST SEE & MUST EXPERIENCE! I ate Lobster til I passed out and I Drank, I Read, I Slept, REPEAT!!


Where do I even begin! Colorado is Such a Hot Spot for Family Vacations for Christmas! Colorado, and all of its Beauty, made me NEVER want to leave! Honestly... and DON'T LAUGH, but one of the Most Amazing things I saw was a HAILSTORM! HAHAHA Growing up in the South, this isn't something see very often, and When we DO, the Hail IS NOT this large!! I know.. I know.. I need to get out more! 

Maroon Bells, Garden of the Gods, Inspirations Point, RED ROCKS!!!! the list goes on and on!


There are a TON of Amazing Places in the United States to Travel to, and obviously I've only listed a few, but I've got a Whole Lot More on my Bucket List! 

Where have you Gone on Christmas Family Vacation?

I'd Love to Hear your Suggestions!

December 10, 2019 — April Nestor


Sénior Squire

Sénior Squire said:

Let’s go to Montana and Canadia next!!

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