University of West Georgia Homecoming 2018

One of our FAVORITE Weeks of the Year is Homecoming Week! We love to help UWG Celebrate Homecoming, so we decided to have a Week Full of Amazing Deals to prep for Saturday!

The Squire Shop Celebrates University of West Georgia Homecoming


Monday UWG Homecoming

"Millar Monday" Receive 20% OFF Peter Millar Button Downs and Dress Pants


Tuesday UWG Homecoming

"Tie it on Tuesday" All Bow Ties are Only $20!


Wednesday UWG Homecoming

"Wolfie Wednesday" Receive 25% off UWG Polos!


Thursday UWG Homecoming

"Thirsty Thursday" Receive a FREE Color Changing Squire Shop Cup with each Purchase!


Friday UWG Homecoming

"UWG Tent Event" Join us for our UWG Homecoming Tailgate Tent Sale!


 The Squire Shop UWG Homecoming Giveaway

With EACH Purchase, you can Enter to Win THIS Amazing Prize! Winner will be drawn on Saturday! **You Must be 21 or Older to Win!**

October 17, 2018 — April Harris

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