Danger Close on Pizza - General's Hot Sauce
Danger Close on Pizza
Seriously, we just told you the origin story and you didn’t see this one coming? Is this technically a recipe? How many ingredients are required to be considered a recipe? Three? Three feels right. Fine then. TECHNICALLY Danger Close is a secret blend of Dead Red and Shock & Awe, therefore with the inclusion of the pizza, which in its own right is multiple pre-prepared ingredients, we’re good.
Danger Close Hot Sauce
Pizza. Fresh out of a brick oven in the mountains of Tuscany or from an MRE, it’s all good. (And no, unfortunately the Pizza MRE is decidedly a flop for all those wondering).
This might surprise you, but just like, put the sauce on the pizza. Or else it gets the hose again… Potentially voluntarily if you add too much.
November 14, 2023 — April Nestor

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