Danger Close Enchiladas - General's Hot Sauce
Danger Close Enchiladas
Whip up a picante caliente buffet of one of our favorite Mexican dishes that dates back to the year something something B.C.
1 lb ground beef (leaner is better)
Danger Close Hot Sauce
2 cans (10 oz each) of red enchilada sauce
1 can (4.5 oz) of chopped green chiles
Flour tortillas
Shredded cheddar cheese
Preheat your oven to 375°F and cook the ground beef over medium-high heat on the stove until thoroughly browned. Stir in enough enchilada sauce to soak the meat, along with the chiles and your Danger Close. You can also just dump all of the enchilada sauce into a bowl and pre-mix it with your preferred amount of Danger Close beforehand to keep things consistent throughout.

Spread 1/2 cup of the enchilada sauce evenly in a baking dish. Spoon about 4 tablespoons (for a 6-inch tortilla) of the above mixture into your flour tortilla and sprinkle on your shredded cheese. Wrap the tortillas tightly and be sure to place them seam side down in the baking dish. Top with the remaining enchilada sauce and another substantial sprinkling of cheese.

Bake until hot and bubbly (15 to 20 minutes). Let stand 5 minutes before serving, and top with some green onions, sour cream, and more Danger Close!
November 14, 2023 — April Nestor

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