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Dead Red Deviled Eggs
Think of all the low-hanging puns we have to work with here. Deviled, Dead Red, hell-fiery heat…there ain’t no supply-chain issues there. Fortunately for you, we’re better than that. Keep reading to learn how to put grandma out of the deviled eggs business for good and claim your rightful place as the deviled egg champion in your family.
Eggs (shocker, we know)
Dead Red Hot Sauce
Duke’s Mayonnaise (if you don’t use Duke’s, you’re uninvited to our birthday party)
Mustard of choice (we’re big fans of classic yellow, but a little Dijon or spicy brown never hurt)
Spices (Again, smoked paprika and garlic powder along with the venerable fresh cracked black pepper)
Chives if you’re feeling fancy
Perfectly hard-boil your eggs. And no, we’re not doing your dirty work, we don’t know how to either. Boil them from a cold start? Add baking soda to the water? Salt? Leave them out on the counter for 4 days while continuously serenading them beforehand? Why do we as a society have to overcomplicated everything? You’ll figure it out. We believe in you.

Cut your cooled perfectly hard-boiled eggs in half lengthwise in case you’ve never seen a deviled egg before. Scoop out the yolks into a bowl and combine with the appropriate amount of DUKE’S MAYONNAISE (we’re watching you), mustard, and a touch of garlic powder. A good ratio to start with is 3 tablespoons of mayo to a “One Mississippi” squirt of mustard. Mix to combine and keep tasting it until you’re satisfied. Add the Dead Red in last to appropriately balance the desired heat and saltiness.

Spoon your mixture into each egg and top with the smoked paprika, fresh cracked black pepper, and the chives for you fancy folk. Serve them up on one of those high speed scooped out egg trays if you have one, or enjoy watching them slip and slide around a normal plate until one ineggitably ends up on the floor. You forgot all about the pun thing, didn’t you?
November 14, 2023 — April Nestor

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