Shock & Awe Sour Cream Dip - General's Hot Sauce
Shock & Awe Sour Cream Dip
Just like all of our other recipes, we decided to start you off easy. Both in standing the habanero heat, and ease of preparation. Plus, sour cream might as well be the peanut butter to Shock & Awe’s jelly--especially if you’re a mere mortal. Furthermore, if we can confess something, we just jazzed up the recipe for recipes’ sake. If nobody’s looking, just pour some Shock & Awe into sour cream and use whatever “edible Shock & Awe and sour cream delivery vessel” you can find to shove it into your face until you get tired of sweating. Anything off the menu of the largest “American, but pretending to be Mexican, fast-food chain” does it for us.
Sour Cream
Shock & Awe Hot Sauce
Fresh chives
Garlic powder
Add 3 to 4 messy tablespoons of sour cream to a bowl along with however much Shock & Awe you think you can handle. Add the smallest pinch of garlic powder (don’t worry, we always accidentally add to much too), and mix. Garnish with your fresh chives and dip anything from nachos to French fries in it, or slather it on pretty much anything but ice cream.
November 14, 2023 — April Nestor

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