Dead Red Sausage Dip - General's Hot Sauce
Dead Red Sausage Dip
The classic tailgating addiction that coats your stomach with 3 individual sources of fat and grease. Now with more heartburn!
1 lb Ground Sausage
Dead Red Hot Sauce
1 can Rotel tomatoes
1 package Cream cheese
1 package Velveeta cheese
An infinite supply of tortilla chips (We all know Scoops are the only way to go.)
Fry your sausage in its own fat over medium-high heat until thoroughly browned and broken up. We drain the grease off considering all the fat that comes from the Velveeta and cream cheese, but if you really enjoy punishing your cardiovascular system, by all means leave it in!

From here on out, it’s pretty much up to you on your ratios. Throw the browned sausage and the can of Rotel into a slow cooker, or over a jerry-rigged double boiler setup if you don’t have one, and cube your cheeses so they’ll melt faster. Add them in, in your preferred ratio, along with a solid amount of Dead Red and enjoy once completely melted and combined. We’ve had this recipe with only cream cheese, only Velveeta, or both as listed above and they’re all killer, so don’t worry if you can only find one or the other, we just prefer the hybrid version.
November 14, 2023 — April Nestor

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