The General's Danger Close Wings -  General's Hot Sauce
The General's Danger Close Wings
This is the star of the show. What we’ve all been waiting for. A dead simple recipe with no frills or distractions from the main characters. Danger Close and chicken wings. Add a little butter to marry them both together and we’re done here. Another classic recipe that people try to overcomplicate and end up ruining because it’s all about the execution. Get your foo-foo flour and baking powder out of here!
Chicken Wings
Danger Close Hot Sauce
Peanut Oil
Start by preheating your peanut oil to 400 degrees for frozen wings or 375 degrees for thawed. (Swap for vegetable oil if you must. We figure having a peanut allergy is an acceptable reason, or just stock up on epi-pens and let her rip. Also, our lawyers said don’t do that, but what do they know? They ain’t doctors.)

It’s better to use thawed wings so you can pat as much moisture off them as possible, but hey, we’re impatient procrastinators too--we’ve been there.

After you drop your first batch of wings, melt somewhere between a half stick to a whole stick of butter per bottle of Danger Close, depending on your cholesterol of course, until barely bubbling.

Keep an eye on those wings until they’re golden brown and crispy and toss them in the sauce. Pair with cold beer, people you enjoy (or at least can tolerate) and arguments over the best way to eat a flat.
November 14, 2023 — April Nestor

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