Hooah Jalapeno Nachos - General's Hot Sauce
Hooah Jalapeno Nachos
A spicy, cheesy classic. This is the late-night snack version of nachos, not the impress your friends at the pool party version. We’re talking what you have in the refrigerator, a zap from the microwave, top it, and eat. Besides, complicated culinary concoctions become a little difficult after one too many Hooah Jalapeno Pineapple Margaritas…
Tortilla chips
Hooah Jalapeno Hot Sauce
Pickled jalapenos
Shredded Cheese
Sour Cream
Lay your tortilla chips out on a plate and place a jalapeno slice on each one. Cover the whole plate in a handful or two of your shredded cheese and nuke it until the cheese starts to bubble. Pull the plate out and top with sour cream and Hooah Jalapeno. It’s a barebones recipe, but it’s in the upper echelons of satisfaction to prep time ratio.
November 14, 2023 — April Nestor

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